Vietnamese weaving

Today, weaving in Vietnam is rapidly becoming mechanized, with industrial looms dominating textile production. However, villages where silk fabric has been produced for hundreds of years are still producing jacquards made on looms originally introduced by the French in the colonial period.

The jacquard loom controls individual warp threads through a system of punched cards. Each jacquard pattern has its own story and place in Vietnamese culture. These textiles are made by small family weaving enterprises using traditional methods of thread spinning, weaving and dyeing. Dyeing is done by hand in small batches. Vietnamese weavers are also using satin weave looms to produce gorgeous fabrics that show the warp thread on one side and the weft on the other.

These days silk is being blended with rayon and cotton, to create a beautiful drape and washability. Vietnam has also become a center for large scale silk worm and thread production, supplying its neighbors where silk production is limited or disappeared entirely during the war.

map of Cambodia
sorting silkworms sorting silkworms
Jacquard loom in Van Phuc village Collecting silk cocoons