Our Vietnamese Fabrics

map of Vietnam

Golden Thread Silks was born in Vietnam, and we have a passion for its fabric, food and culture. Many of our Vietnamese fabrics are jacquards from Ha Dong, the center of weaving and sericulture (silk worm production) for centuries. Old jacquard looms are still used, weaving patterns containing centuries-old symbols and characters.

Our Vietnamese fabric ranges from our exquisite shantung taffeta to our sturdy Bengaline weave. Our latest find is ebony satin, a lustrous silk handwoven in southern Vietnam and naturally dyed using ebony fruit pods. This all-natural fabric has a soft and supple hand. The fabric dates back over a century, but knowledge of its production was all but lost during the war. Weaving of ebony satin was only recently revitalized by the designer Vo Viet Chung. We are pleased to offer this beautiful fabric, an important piece of Vietnam's silk weaving history.

Shantung TaffetaShantung Taffeta
Truly a luxury fabric, finely woven in iridescent hues. Silk.
Ebony SatinEbony Satin
A lustrous silk that is handwoven in southern Vietnam and naturally dyed using the pods of the ebony fruit. It has a remarkable hand, soft and supple, almost like fine leather. The natural black dye is colorfast. Silk.
Marcelline SatinMarcelline Satin
A traditional weave satin in which the warp face is one color and the weft face another. It has wonderful body and drape. Silk.
An indescribable fabric! Elegant woven pattern in graceful colors. Silk and Viscose.
Our newest "old" pattern: a representation of a Mandarin seal in a satin weave. The colors are interpreted beautifully in this pattern. Silk and Viscose.
Little DragonLittle Dragon
Subtle, stylized dragon in a medallion repeat jacquard. Silk and Viscose.
Two KoiTwo Koi
Classic jacquard featuring a pair of koi fish (symbolizing prosperity), an incense burner and the longevity character. Silk and Viscose.
Elegant jacquard featuring a stylized longevity character. Has a wonderful embossed effect, in stunning colors. Silk and Viscose.
A dramatic stylized sunflower jacquard on a plain field. Distinctive, reversible color combinations. Silk and Viscose.
Jacquard that is quintessentially Vietnamese. A loom embroidered effect with two Chinese characters of longevity and double happiness, interspersed with apricot blossom and bamboo. Also available with two characters only. The color combinations are gorgeous and reversible. Silk and Viscose.
A lovely, versatile jacquard that weaves the symbols associated with happiness and good fortune in lunar new year and mid-autumn celebrations. Dozens of colors in incomparable combinations. Silk and Viscose.
Jacquard dominated by the chrysanthemum, one of the four noble flowers. Silk and Viscose.
Double HappinessDouble Happiness
Timeless jacquard featuring the Chinese characters for double happiness (a traditional wedding blessing) and longevity. Silk and Viscose.
Old MoneyOld Money
Eye-catching jacquard with a stylized ancient Vietnamese coin, often seen in old photos of robes worn by Mandarin officials in the colonial era. Silk and Viscose.
Classic jacquard in gorgeous, muted hues. Silk and Viscose.
Another perennial favorite, rose jacquard interspersed with the character for long life. Silk and Viscose.
Unique Phoenix pattern. Available in jacquard and barathea weights. Silk and Viscose.
A Vietnamese interpretation of the ancient Indian design from which Paisley is derived. Silk and Viscose.
Wine Flask/Poetry BagWine Flask/Poetry Bag
This pattern of a small wine flask and poetry bag on a field of diamond squares is based on a Vietnamese poem by a renowned eighteenth-century female poet. Silk and Viscose.
A crisper fabric than most of our jacquards, with a vertical repeat of a traditional ethnic motif. Silk and Viscose.
A special linen-weave silk. Becomes very soft with washing. Silk.
A very fine-ribbed weave. It has a wonderful hand and embellishes beautifully. Silk and Viscose.
Barathea FleurBarathea Fleur
The Barathea with a raised thread design of a stylized fleur-de-lys. Silk, Viscose and Cotton.
A classic Bengaline weave. Our heaviest fabric. A lovely selection of colors. Silk, Viscose and Cotton.