Our Fabrics

Much of our silk fabric is either handloomed on carded Jacquard Looms or handwoven on frame and straight looms. Our fabric is either yarn- or piece-dyed by hand, using both natural and manmade dyes. Many of our fabrics have a "shot" color effect, with the warp thread a different color than the weft, giving the fabric a spectacular iridescence. We also have a stunning collection of silk naturally dyed with plant dyes.

Because the silk fabric is made on old looms, it tends to be narrower than fabric produced on modern industrial looms, ranging from 33 to 40 inches wide. Because these unique silk textiles are made by hand, they will have variations and irregularities. These are not defects but an integral part of the silk and contribute to its beauty and distinctive quality. We hope that you find this silk fabric as intriguing and inspiring as we have.

We are always searching for unexpected and rare fabrics to add to our collection — raw, undyed silk; interesting weaves of silk mixed with other fibers; and particularly fabrics that are in danger of disappearing or fabrics that are being revived by dedicated craftspeople.

map of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia
woman sorting silkworms women at loom weaving patterns
Sorting silkworm cocoons Cambodian frame loom Jacquard loom punch card